Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The intention

Hi my name is Ricardo and I'm a programmer, I've been feeling the need of creating a blog to share my opinion and ideas about technology, programming and internet.
I'm also creating this blog to make articles about information technology and programming, I may sometimes just make an article talking about something and/or make guides or lessons about it.

At the end of the next week or so I'm publishing two articles: the first about Mobile Apps and HTML5, and next I'll be explaining the differences between Sencha Touch 2 and JQueryMobile. Next I'll make some guides to Sencha Touch 2, and I'll explain why I choose ST2.

If someone reads this post before I make the guides (I doubt it tho), comment what you thing about HTML5 in mobile apps.

'Till then


  1. Vou ficar atento ;) era interesante teres RSS

    1. Tratarei disso quando tiver mais conte├║do.
      Stay tuned :)